Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mundane Crabby Mama

I've been in a real bad mood lately when it comes to braces. Putting them on and taking them off multiple times a day to keep with our "nap and night time" wearing schedule is doing a number on me. It's been almost three and a half years of doing this between the two kids. I know some folks have to do it that long just with one kid, and I'm certainly grateful I don't have TWO kids in braces... but man... isn't she done yet? I know, I'm a whiner. Schedule wise I'm the only parent around during nap times (except for the weekend), but at night we've been trying to re-arrange things so my husband is doing the braces to give me a little mental break from it all.

Picture for no reason other than they are cute
Developmental wise she is a crawling machine and will pull to a stand while holding on to furniture. She hasn't shown much interest in letting go to stand solo or walk, and I'm starting to wonder if she will take a little longer to walk than her big brother did (17 months 3 weeks.) Why walk when crawling is so much fun, right? Plus her feet are way smaller than big brothers were and we wonder if they would even be big enough to really support her weight for walking. Doesn't really matter either way, we know she'll walk when she's ready.

Random side note, one of the straps on her sandal is starting to break tonight so we will have to make an unscheduled stop at Gillette. Her next appointment with the doctor isn't until April and there is no way that strap is even going to make it through the next week. It's the most important middle strap too.... I hope they can get us in soon!