Wednesday, May 9, 2012

19 Months & Counting

It's been six months since our last appointment with Gillette. Lena got a big thumbs up from her doctor and we were told to keep everything the same. We have another appointment in 6 months for her. So, we're still at wearing braces for nap and night time (approximately 15 hours a day). She did move up two sizes - from a Double Zero to a One. In November we will also have Emerson's yearly follow up appointment. He's been brace free since September 2010.

She will be 19 months old this weekend and is meeting most milestones with her peers. Walking is still a few months off, but we're not worried. Her doctor said he'd put money down on her figuring it out in the next 60-90 days. She does cruise along furniture, but has yet to make that next move of letting go. She did stand up once in the middle of the floor without assistance, but since I didn't see it happen (my husband did) -- I'm going to say that doesn't count. Mama's gotta see it!

She began the evaluation process for Early Childhood Special Education. So far we qualify for physical therapist to come to the house and help with her walking. They'll be back again on Friday to do additional testing to see if she qualifies for anything else. Big brother Emerson went through the same program and qualified for all kinds of great help. He is still in the program in a pre-school setting twice a week, and next year it will go up to three times a week.

She is really good at climbing things now. She can make her way up onto kitchen chairs, but she hasn't quite figured out the couches yet. We recently purchased a slide and swingset for the kids, and she is very happy climbing up onto the platform for the slide.

Lately she has been very resistant to nail trimming. I don't know if this is something all clubbed foot kids have or just something for my children... but they both have some pretty funky nails. Emerson has what I call "double nails" on two of his fingers. It's like one on top of another, only the top one is really thin. Lena's bow outward like little bowls. Both of their toe nails are just bazaar. They are hard enough to trim if she did lay still, but now that she's fighting me it's even harder. Eh well, atleast they grow slowly.

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  1. Sounds like she is really close to walking! Matthew refused to try to walk until he could stand up in the middle of the floor without help. Now, at 9 yrs old, he is still just as pigheaded with all he does.

    And for whatever reason, his left foot has some unruly toenails. Not sure if that is always true of clubfooters.