Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eve of First Surgery

Nerves are all a flutter as we prepare for our little girl to have her first surgery tomorrow. The doctor will be lengthening her muscle and a tendon on the inside of her right leg to correct how her foot is being pulled out from under her. It's been steadily getting worse for the last few months.

The surgery will be about 1.5-2 hours long and then we'll plan on being at the hospital another 2 hours or so during recovery and discharge. Then she'll be in a walking cast for 20 days - hopefully cleared for summer fun once all that is over with.

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  1. Hi there...

    My name is Scott Mountifield and I wondered if I might be able to get in touch with you with reference to using your image of your daughter's toes on a UK based Government e-leanring project. The programme I work for is e-learning for healthcare (search it on google) and the project is the 'Healthy Child Programme'. I know this is quite random and I hope things are going well with your daughter's operation, but I would welcome you contacting me on if you think this is something that you might agree to... Many thx and good luck...