Thursday, August 4, 2016

Annual Checkups

It's been a long time since I've updated - mostly because 2015 was an insanely emotionally busy year - but also because not a whole lot has happened with the kiddos feet.

Miss Lena's ATTT surgery is on hold until her tendons are bigger than spaghetti noodles... who knows how long that will be. Middle school?? She did have a growth spurt about 2 months ago which caused us to go into the clinic to have her overnight AFO braces adjusted. I'm almost disappointed that we will need to wait to have her surgery done. I feel like being older will make the whole experience more difficult, and she will actually remember having it done to her. Can't change what you don't have control over - that's for sure.

Mister Emerson has been on annual maintenance checks for 6 years now and no sign of relapse. I'm pretty sure we missed bringing him in last year... but too late now! He'll be 8 years old in just a few weeks and we don't anticipate anything changing until he hits some growth spurts in the teenage years.

We go in tomorrow for their dual 6 & 8 year old feet check. I'm anticipating no big news!

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