Wednesday, October 27, 2010


With my son I remember being worried about the basics;

When would he crawl?
Would he be able to walk?
Will there be surgeries?
Will he have a "normal" life?

This time around I have a mix of different emotions. Almost two weeks after my daughter's birth I am still in amazement that this happened to us again. I am less worried about the stuff I had originally been fixated on with my son and more worried about things like;

Will I be able to wear her in a sling?
Do we need to get a double stroller? (the original plan was to wear my daughter until my son was old enough to walk independent of the stroller)
Will her recovery be as smooth as our sons?
If I have a third child will this happen again?

Anytime I hear of a new parent-to-be finding out that they are expecting a clubbed footed baby I always say that of any handicap, this is the easiest and most recoverable one out there. It is hard to take my own advice and roll with the recovery process. I'm doing my best not to get sucked into a pity party. Maybe next week when I get to pick out some pretty AFO shoe's I'll cheer up.

I've also asked around on some baby wearing boards and have some ideas for being able to babywear my daughter, though with most of them she needs to be old enough to support her neck, so it'll be a while. So far she has been rather unimpressed with being in a sling, so maybe my whining is a moot point anyway because she might not want to be worn!

Thanks for listening to me whine!


  1. That's what we're here for.

    Whenever I find myself getting sucked into my own pity party, I TRY to remind myself that there are people who are much worse off then us in the NICU. People who will be there longer, or have earlier or sicker on and so forth. Try to keep reminding yourself that you know it IS something she WILL recover from, you know what you're doing and eventually, it will all be over with. It's hard and I'm no saying that I am always able to stop from getting sucked into my own raging, bouncing, one woman pity party but it helps a little to have a mantra like that.

  2. Sitting in the waiting room at Gillette Children's Specialty Care is a great place for me to have a wake up call that this is not THAT bad.