Monday, November 1, 2010

Gassy Baby - TIPS & TRICKS

All babies have some gas/upset tummy issues, but I believe it gets worse when your legs are constricted in casts or braces all day. Kicking and bending helps move that air around in their bellies! Right now the casts are too heavy for her to be able to move her own legs, so by rolling them around I am mimicking what a typical baby would be able to do. I'm not sure if it helps... but it makes sense to me!

What I tried to do with both children is lift and roll their legs up a few times a day. I mostly did this during the few wake periods they had in a day - figuring if they weren't in casts this is when they would be doing these motions on their own. Be careful not to do it after nursing - they'll just spit up! Oops!

I just lift the legs up and rotate around from side to side.


  1. Good thinking, I wouldn't have thought that they may have issues getting their bubbles out of their bellies!