Thursday, September 22, 2011

Late Update...

Sorry I'm a slacker... she had her 9 month follow up appointment at Gillette back in July and there wasn't much to report. She's doing good! We got some new shoes (size double zero) since her old ones were about three seconds away from busting on the strap. The new ones have a roller on the buckle part... I'm still not "sold" on if that helps or hurts in wearing them. Seems like they are harder to get tight enough and the new straps are already looking worn after only two months of use. Hmmm.... :-/

Lena has been a crawling pro since mid-to-end of July. She mostly did an army crawl while holding her hands together... it was kind of ridiculously cute. Only recently she has moved up on all fours and has gotten quite fast.

She has been pulling to a stand for about a month. She hasn't done any cruising on furniture. Mostly just standing there and getting stuck in one spot. Big brother pulled to a stand at 12 months old and was cruising by 13, so if she's following in his footsteps it won't be long before she starts jetting around the furniture. If I had to put money on it... I'd say walking by 17 months... but I know earlier or later still puts her in a normal range. She really enjoys crawling so I think she might lack some motivation to try anything else for a long time. 

She VERY flexible and has her legs out to the side in a near split I'd say 90% of the time. Guess that is just how she is comfortable! She is hilariously impossible to get into any kind of exersaucer or jumper because of how wide she leaves her legs. Good thing she's barely ever in one! 

I've had some mild concerns about her joints in her arms and legs popping when doing diaper changes or clothing changes when I pull on her limbs. I've had friends who have had children dislocate their limbs doing the simplest of tasks, and I don't remember this popping happening with Emerson, so I'm a little paranoid that she is more loose than normal. Guess I'd better learn some skills incase she ends up popping out of socket! Owie!

Big brother Emerson turned 3 years old at the beginning of September and has been brace free for one year now! We have a follow up appointment for him end-October and then a 6-month follow up for Lena in December. We're in the "slow and steady" recovery part with her, which is good... but also frustrating because so many people forget that we even have this part of our daily lives. Braces are on during nap time and overnight for Lena until around 2-4 years old. It's a long haul! 

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