Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Year Follow Up Appointment

Our son has been brace free for a little over a year! Today was his first official annual check up, although with attending baby sisters appointments he's had his legs peaked at a number of times in the last year. Dr. England observed big brother walking and the flexibility of his feet. Things are looking great! We'll continue with annual appointments from here on out, but he noted that generally if there is going to be an issue it would have reared its ugly head by now. Whew!

Sister has her appointment in December, but since she was with Dr. England took a peak at her progress. I mentioned my concerns about how flexible her hips are... this girl is out of control! He noted a "click" at about 45-60 degrees and suggested we get an x-ray done just to make sure her socket is perfect. We had time today, so we got it done right away. She's looking great! Kind of a fun little Halloween souvenir too. Having clubbed feet and being a girl just makes her predisposed to being extra flexible I guess. Olympics here we come!

Since baby girl was seen today now we don't have another appointment for six months! We're in the slow and steady part of recovery. The longer she wears the braces the better off she'll be. She doesn't seem to mind them at all, so it'll probably be another year of part-time wearing just like big brother.

Developmentally she pulls to a stand on furniture, crawls (and speed crawls too - when she's doing something naughty), and will occasionally hold on with only one hand.

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