Monday, December 13, 2010

Giant Clothing Pity Party

Let me start this post off by saying do not feel like I am ungrateful for gifts we have received. Many of these I probably registered for before we knew that our children had clubbed feet. Why would someone ever think their child would be unable to wear a certain article of clothing?? Right?

These are all 3 month and under size saved from my son. I saved them figuring that although he was unable to use them, surely our next child would be able to. Well... we all know how that turned out. WRONG. Sure, I could cut the clothing... but the sensible conservationist person in me says not to ruin a perfectly good piece of clothing that someone else could use. We have plenty of other clothing that does work with the casts and braces, so why ruin them?

I'm not going to ruin them... but for my own sanity I do need to get rid of them. It's weirdly depressing to have around. 19 footy pj's, 12 sleeper tubes, pants with feet or narrow ankles,
handful of socks and infant shoes. That's a lot of clothing that someone else can use! Thank goodness for girlfriends who have baby boys! Get ready for a whole new wardrobe!


  1. hey.. what are you going to be doing with these?? I'm having a boy, I live far away, but it would be nice to get them :D (how much do you want for them?)

  2. I'm actually working on finding some people to swap me girls cloths for them. Had several bites already, so I have a feeling they'll be gone before you even have your baby! Sorry!

  3. That's fine, as long as someone uses them.. I used to have a bunch of baby girl clothes, but They are mostly around 24 months now I think :(
    It's hard to get rid of clothes, especially when they were from the 1st.