Thursday, December 16, 2010

Side Sleepers

Many club foot babies appear to have the desire to sleep on their side in common. During the casting process this is easy to do, but once the leg braces are on it is near impossible. Lately I have been using our boppy pillow to prop her up on the side and she loves it! Boppy's are not meant for children to sleep with, so use at your own risk.

With my son we just propped him against the side of his sleeping area. Worked okay too!

What tricks have you used?


  1. The Dobb's brace lets them sleep on their side a little better. We don't do anything else special.

  2. This is true! Maybe someday we'll get to upgrade to the Dobbs. :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I have a photo of Matthew sleeping in his brace in his crib just like that! lol

    Wish they had the Dobbs bar when he was a baby...

  4. Our son propped on the side of the crib in the bar. Now that he is older (2) he is on a twin mattress on the floor - he sleeps with his feet on the floor and the rest of him on the mattress - it lets him sleep comfy on his tummy.