Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Woes about Toes

Our son has what they call "curly toes" where the middle toe is too low and it's pushing up on the toe next to it. He was born with the right one that way, and through correcting his clubbed feet the left has also crossed. It is possible that over the next few months they will fix themselves as his feet move into neutral positioning, but if not... we may be headed for a minor surgery. They will simply release the tendon that is holding the middle toe too low and then things should align naturally. We've battled whether this is cosmetic surgery or not, and it is something we will talk about extensively before agreeing to surgery. It is my feeling that this would be mighty uncomfortable in shoes as his feet grow.

Our daughters pinky toes like to curl under so that the nail is on the bottom. We haven't asked
the doctor about it, but the casting technician was pretty concerned and told us to stretch her out anytime we see her trying to curl under. It's a little hard to photograph - but this is the bottom of her foot and you can see the white in her nail on the pinky toe.


  1. Hi! I found your blog posting while I was looking up 'curly toe surgery'. We went to Shriners today and my daughter, 16 months, was diagnosed with curly toes. I think we will go ahead and have the surgery done because she gets blisters in between her toes every time she wears shoes. Did you guys end up getting the surgery done? How did it go? Thanks! ~Jackie :)

    1. They really have loosened up now that she's older (just turned 2) so I'm not as concerned. My son (age 4) still have a criss crossed 2&3rd toe but it doesn't seem to bother him. Blisters would be concerning and I can see why you are moving forward with treatment! Wish I could be more help!