Saturday, January 22, 2011

End of January Update

Baby girl is doing fantastic in her recovery and is getting dangerously close to rolling over onto her side. She gets 30 minutes a day to practice without the brace, but she is even getting close to doing it with the brace on. Big brother is also getting dangerously close to being kicked in the face when playing too close to her... this is going to be an interesting year for injuries...

Off topic - she has started to do something amazing... she's going pee on the potty! I have heard of Elimination Communication (EC) before, but never pictured myself doing it. For about a month she's been waking up from 2-3 hour naps with a dry diaper. I often joked with my husband that she was going to be potty trained before our 2 1/2 year old son (who soaks a size 5 overnight diaper just during his nap time - yeah... not even sorta ready).

Yesterday I decided to experiment by sitting her on the potty. She smiled and laughed as I made a hissing noise at her... and moments later I heard a little trickle. Could NOT even believe it.

I met a woman about a year ago who was doing EC and it seemed like it would be a lot of work. But now after doing it for two days I've decided it is waaaay easy and worth trying! This woman taught me about the hissing noise and explained it was a trigger to let the baby know that it was "okay" to go pee. It's a bit like running water and how it helps even an adult to go potty. After nap time I set my daughter on the potty and just a few seconds in she is peeing away. It's worked 5/7 times we've tried it. Pretty good odds if you ask me. We're still waiting for the all mighty #2... but I feel like it's not far off!

Online I was connected up with Emma Kwasnica who I was told is a EC guru. Her 15 month old daughter has been diaper free since BIRTH. She recommended I obtain a copy of Ingrid Bauer's Diaper Free book at the library and visit . I've requested a copy of the book from our library and will hopefully get to read it next week. I am tempted to learn how to make my own baby panties... because they are darn cute.. and there is no way I'm spending $8/pair. I'm talented enough to make some. :)

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  1. how did you go about starting the potty thing? did you just sit her on the potty? I'm very curious about this...... I would LOVE to try it. I didn't even really get to potty train my (now) 5 year old.. she did all the work at daycare while i was in school (very young mom). This is interesting.... but awesome!

  2. Check out the Diaperfree website. I do just sit her on the potty after nap time and make a hissing noise. Within about 30 seconds she is peeing! It is so cute!!

  3. Wow, the potty training thing is amazing, my hat is off to you for doing it! More importantly, her feet look wonderful! I haven't taken a photo of my daughter's feet without her brace in awhile, but you've inspired me to do so!

  4. We weren't very good about documenting my son's feet as they progressed... but now that I'm doing this all a second time I kinda HAVE to in order to keep myself sane.
    We've been doing diaperfree part time for about a month now and she still likes it and we're still having fun. Saves a couple diapers a day, not too shabby.