Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Follow up - 5 weeks in braces

Baby girl had her follow up appointment after just over a month in braces. Things are looking fantastic and we do not have another appointment until April (3 months out). We can go in sooner if something looks wrong, but for now it's the long haul of correction.

I had a nice chat with our doctor about my concerns about how far off the typical Ponseti correction timeline both of my children are following based on his recommendations, and my mind is at ease. Typical Ponseti timeline is casting, tenotomy surgery, 2-3 months in braces 24 hours a day, and then overnights until the child is 2-4 years old. 80% of clubbed feet cases fit that timeline, but my children are both falling into that gray 20% area where no tenotomy is necessary and they are so flexible that the braces are done with on the 2 year end rather than the far 4 year end.

Maybe I've watched too much LOST lately, but my brain is thinking "whatever happened happened" and "whatever will be will be". I'm going to relax and enjoy my children and not worry about relapses.

Another thing that put my mind at ease is we spoke about my son's foot rolling inward as I previously blogged about and our doctor pointed out that a relapse would actually be rolling the other direction. Duh us! Clubbed feet curls inward so the children would be walking on the outside area of the foot. Our sons foot are rolling just as they are supposed to towards the inside and will slowly get more neutral over the next few years as his tendons tighten without wearing any braces. Let's just hope they stop at neutral. :)

And baby girls toes 3,4&5 happen to all run in the same "tube" where the achilles tendon is running through so as the 70 degree angle of her feet are stretching the achilles they are also stretching her toes. So, the under toe curling might be correcting itself at the same time. How about that.


  1. excellent! No more overthinking ok? :)

  2. I KNOW. I am a much better person about being chill about stuff. Overthinking is not my friend.