Monday, November 8, 2010

3 Weeks In...

Bye, Bye casting room......

Or more accurately... see you next week. :( We're not done with casting as previously expected. During her first appointment the doctor thought 2 weeks would be enough. This was her 3rd week... and we're still not there. We might only be HALFWAY. I have mixed emotions about this... with my son we were done earlier than expected - and I like that much better.

Right now her ankles can be bent/forced into a nice "L" shape, but the doctor wants them to be in that position just while resting. The casting technician was surprised to see us back and seemed to not necessarily agree with the doctors decision. She made a comment about him "striving for perfection on this one, eh?" I certainly want my child to be "perfect" so I won't disagree. Another week or two is only going to improve her stretching and lessen her chances of surgery. Her achilles tendon was really tight, he's hoping a few more weeks of casts will stretch it enough that we won't need the tenotomy (surgery to clip and stretch the tendon).

During the visit with the doctor she spit up all over the place, I think she disagrees with the diagnosis too. This is the only photo I took of her with the casts off... she's half dressed after the disaster spit up. I was too crabby to do any other photos.

ETA - Her skin underneath her knees are still funky, so they packed extra cotton on there again this week. The right one was almost healed, but lefty was shiny, raw, and gross. :( Poor baby! The doctor said that the benefits of giving her skin a break don't outweigh the risks of letting her be cast free until it heals.