Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5 Weeks In...

Well, we went into the appointment with happy thoughts of this being our last week of casting. We started off thinking it would only be two weeks (based on what the doctor told us) and it turns out we're on cast #6 already.

During the long process of removing the old cast and putting on the new one the casting tech made a comment about us just having a "few more weeks of this business." Her comment caught my attention, but I figured I had to of heard wrong. Later that night I asked the question on Facebook to all my clubbed footed support folk regarding casting after the tenotomy surgery. Turns out - after the surgery there is a cast left on for three solid weeks after the tenotomy. Ugh! So, in the end our dear daughter will have 10 weeks of casting... double what big brother had done. Boo!

One positive note - the rawness from behind her knees was almost completely dry! Yay for no cheesy knees!

Apologies, I forgot the camera so there are no pictures from this hospital trip.

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