Wednesday, November 3, 2010

$h*t Happens

Sigh. No matter how careful you are... at some point in the casting process... it... will... happen. Babies poop a lot and it's only a matter of time before some get on the casts. We're 16 days into her recovery and shockingly have been able to stay poop free until this point.

Tips for staying poop free - make sure the diaper is tucked in and that skin is visible all the way around the leg. Use removable cotton wrapping on the edge of the cast, if a diaper leaks sometimes the cotton will take the blunt of it saving the casts. Our hospital gives us rolls of the stuff for this very purpose. Trouble is that the cotton wrap does move on the leg when you put clothing on, thus why ours failed this time. The poop got on the sock which is inside the cast and doesn't wash easily.

Any other ideas?? Thankfully we're done with casts tomorrow (knock on wood), but other ideas might help the next family who has a little one in casts.

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