Monday, November 15, 2010

4 Weeks In...

Well, todays appointment raised my blood pressure a little bit. Sometimes it's hard to be going through this a second time because the medical staff assumes that I am old hat at it, but we must remember that I had it pretty "easy" with my son and everything was 'best case scenario' with his recovery.

In conversation with the casting technician I mentioned that I thought the doctor was having us do these extra few weeks of casts to avoid the tenotomy surgery (where they cut the achilles tendon). The casting technician told me casually, "Oh no, she'll be getting it done, her cords are very tight still." Gasp! No! :( Not my baby!

Then another casting technician came in to assist with putting on the new cast. I was making
small talk conversation again and mentioned how I kept forgetting to buy a pacifier to use during this procedure. It takes about 90 minutes to remove old casts and put on new casts. That's a long time for my aching back to be bent over letting my baby suck on my thumb. There are no breaks for breastfeeding, and crying baby most of the time because her sensitive legs are being messed with. Initially we decided not to do a pacifier for her because it was only supposed to be 2 or 3 casts. We let our son have a pacifier during the procedure 2 years ago because we knew that it would be 6 weeks of it. I joked that I hadn't picked up the pacifier yet because I was in denial that we're still on the casting phase. She then casually mentions to me that I should get mentally prepared for the tenotomy next time I see the doctor (which is 11/29/2010). I inquire further and find out that after the casts are removed it is highly likely that the tenotomy will happen right then and there. They do a numbing cream on the skin and then local anesthetic to block all sensation to her ankles/feet. Then a little slice... cut and stretch the achilles tendon... and close her back up. Very quick procedure... but surgery on a 7 week old baby none-the-less. Eek gads!! I'm glad that the techs were so frank with me, even if it was disheartening to hear. Without talking to them I would have walked into the appointment on the 29th with thoughts that we'd be taking off casts for the last time and then going to get her pretty AFO shoes set up. Surgery immediately never even occurred to me. Now I know to make sure my husband is with me at the hospital and that we have extra child care for her son set up at home (Yay for Grandma!)

So, random info about her process... it's still raw behind her knees and now she has another raw spot forming in between her toes on the right foot. She did the cast extra high this time so we can separate her toes for cleaning, but we have to keep an eye out for swelling with that much of her foot exposed. She's also started a habit of curling her pinky toe under, and the tech suggested that I should try to uncurl it every time I see her doing it otherwise it can lead to other problems. She'll end up walking with the top of her toe on the bottom if that makes any sense.


  1. Bonus side note - the tech that removed the cast did not use the buzz saw! She just had some little sideways scissor thing. I asked her about it, and she said that there is only one of them that all the techs have to share and she just got lucky that day.

  2. Poor baby girl!! and poor momma!! I would feel like you, though, and glad they told me. I would have been a wreck if I had walked in there and they started without me being prepared.

    So is it for sure set on the 29th?

  3. The techs made it sound like it'd be for sure. :( One of them has 12 years experience...

  4. Oh dang, I missed this!!! :( Poor babe and mama!!